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SKYWALKERS is the new breakthrough collaboration between two of underground Hip Hop’s most influential artists, SUNSPOT JONZ and BOAC. These two longtime friends and industry colleagues have joined forces to bring you a sound your ears never knew they were missing. Clever sample chops, soulful bass lines, hard hitting drums and arpeggiated synths create the perfect background for Sunspot’s irresistibly catchy hooks and perfectly compliment his deep, meaningful, lyrics. A musical masterpiece. Independent pioneer SUNSPOT JONZ is one of the original and founding members of legendary west coast group the LIVING LEGENDS while BOAC (pronounced Bo-ak -) is a DJ/Producer from the San Francisco Bay Area and founding member of the EARTHLINGS. With this new project, these two are flying to new heights delivering a raw and progressive sound that holds true to their Hip Hop roots while still broadening their audience. With decades spent in the music industry, both Boac and Sunspot have an explosive combination of experience and style that is currently unmatched by any other duo in their realm.

Skywalkers 2 - TourRouting Dot Com

Skywalkers - TourRouting Dot Com

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